Text Your Ex Back

Want To Get Back With Your Ex Partner?

Now, I’m quite serious when I say that relationships break up because premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction that many women are simply not prepared to tolerate.

You might think that this is highly unfair, and you might be right, but the fact remains that every individual in a relationship has a number of criteria and conditions they are not prepared to sacrifice.

For some women, the pleasure of sex is so great and so necessary within the relationship, that any sexual dysfunction on the part of the man threatens the stability of the relationship.

If ever there were a better reason to get to grips with premature ejaculation I can’t imagine what might be. However, I accept that there will be men who don’t do anything about this dysfunction no matter how strong my urging.

That’s the reality of life – so is the fact that relationships break up. Whether we like it or not, there are times when we have to take action to re-establish a relationship with a loved one that has ended, and only after it has ended do we discover that the breakup was a mistake.

In such situations, a very practical and easy way of getting back together is to use a program such as Mike Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back.

This program represents a massive leap forward in bringing the psychology of relationships to every man and woman who doesn’t want to see a counselor or a mentor for advice.

The short and simple fact of the matter is this: that by using a sequence of text messages, carefully designed so that they start in a casual way and go through increasing levels of intimacy, you can rebuild a relationship by gradually hooking the interest of your partner (or rather, your ex-partner) until they develop a new emotional attachment to you.

I should emphasize that this relationship will not be the same as the one that you had before you broke up. After all, if that had been a satisfactory relationship, you would never have broken up in the first place.

Instead, you can rebuild your relationship on the basis of mutual trust and intimacy. Click to read more about how Text Your Ex Back works and how it can rebuild your relationship.