Unexpected Ways Of Solving Sexual Problems

The cures for sexual difficulties that have been proposed over the years are many and various – and if you have a sexual dysfunction like delayed ejaculation, you’ll probably know only too well how much conflicting advice has been offered to men in this situation.

It’s quite understandable, really, because what people like to promote is the cure that helped them – which of course is often irrelevant to the next man.

So forgive me for a moment if I propose something that seems extraordinary and perhaps even somewhat unlikely to you – but this is done with the best possible intentions, and my motivation is to give you the opportunity to expand your horizons in more ways than just by overcoming your sexual difficulties.

You see, one of the things I know about the human mind is that its capacity for solving problems is endless, and the ways in which it can solve those problems are also pretty much infinite.

It’s for this reason that I decided to move into the territory of the esoteric – in other words, the territory of manifestation using the law of attraction.

Now I think you would probably agree, whether you’ve managed to manifest desired outcomes or not, that much of what you experience in life is the product of how you think and feel about the world around you.

It follows that almost any emotional state of mind, no matter how much we might like to blame others for it, comes from our own preconceptions, our own history, and our own reactions to any situation in which we find ourselves.

The same is true of course, of conditions like delayed ejaculation, which are the product of some kind of emotional complex, albeit one usually out of awareness in the subconscious.

Yet that doesn’t make it any harder (or easier) to use the power of the conscious mind and the power of the unconscious mind to alleviate your difficulty and restore normal sexual functioning.

And at this stage you might well be imagining this means using something like visualization, positive thinking, positive affirmations… self hypnosis, maybe… The list is endless.

And while I agree that all of those are potentially extremely useful tools in the fight against delayed ejaculation,  not that I would advise you to regard that particular problem as a struggle or battle, but as a cooperative process of healing between your conscious and unconscious minds, what you may not have considered is the possibility that you could actually use the power of the law of attraction and manifestation to end your delayed ejaculation.

The strange thing is that many of the tools used in the process of manifestation are the same as the tools used in visualization and self hypnosis, which is common ground to start with.

But another aspect of commonality between manifestation and sexuality is the spiritual aspect that can enter into either sex or manifestation when you go beyond and above yourself and your limited consciousness, to join with the esoteric or wider realms of infinite creativity and the subconscious mind.

You need to believe in what you are doing to be able to use these techniques effectively for curing delayed ejaculation. You also need to believe that the unconscious mind is indeed a gateway to some kind of connection with the world beyond ourselves. (If this sounds too esoteric and “far out” for you, then stop reading right now, because you won’t get any further!)

My suggestion to you is to look at some useful resources on manifestation and Law of Attraction, which you can find here – particularly information about the Law of Attraction and appealing to the universe  – set out on this website.

Take a look and see if you believe there is any way in which you could adapt or use those techniques for the manifestation of better health in general, and the manifestation of better sexual health in particular.

At its root, all healing is an act of faith – in the sense that you need to believe in the fact that you’re going to get better, and you must not t believe you’re going to remain ill …… For if you do believe  you will remain ill, that’s precisely what will happen.

So if you believe that you going to recover the ability to ejaculate in a normal timeframe, then why not try a process which requires the ultimate test of your faith – manifestation?