Masturbation and sexual problems

Masturbation Methods

Many men who have problems with slow ejaculation learned ti self-pleasure using what are euphemistically known as “idiosyncratic” techniques of masturbation during their adolescence. These include high-frequency, high-pressure hand movements, mattress “humping”, or harsh pressure on the penis.

These techniques are one of the main causes of delayed ejaculation. The movements of intercourse produce stimulation of a far lower intensity than that resulting from such harsh masturbation.

Often a man who cannot ejaculate may have simply conditioned himself to ejaculate only in response to a particular type of stimulation.  That might be a certain level of pressure and frequency of hand movements or other kind of stimulation.

Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome is an example of this. Fortunately, it is entirely possible to retrain the body to become more aroused, more quickly, and more easily, so that the reflex of ejaculation is triggered by a lower level of stimulation.