Physical Issues Which May Be Linked to Premature Ejaculation

What Physical Causes Might Be Responsible For Premature Ejaculation?

There might be some physical causes for premature ejaculation: for exmaple, some men may have hypersensitive nerves in the penile glans and frenulum. In such cases, you might think that circumcision may help by exposing the glans and reducing its sensitivity, but in fact there are only seconds difference in the time between penetration and ejaculation in uncircumcised and circumcised men.  You can read more about the sensitive penis syndrome below.

Frenulum Breve (Short Frenulum) As A Cause Of Premature Ejaculation

Another physical cause of premature ejaculation – the short frenulum – is difficult to treat. (The frenulum is the band of skin which joins the skin of the penile shaft to the surface of the glans – it is full of sensitive nerves which bring on erection and help to produce orgasm.)

The skin of the penile shaft always moves a little during sex, especially when the penis moves forward into the vagina – the skin of the shaft is pulled downwards, which pulls the frenulum tighter. This pulling action stimulates the nerves in the frenulum and can assist in reaching orgasm.

A man who is uncircumcised and has a short frenulum as well is even more likely to ejaculate quickly because when his foreskin moves back and forth it exerts an even greater pressure on the nerves of the frenulum.

What we do know about the physical causes of PE is that a very short frenulum can produce excessive sexual stimulation and cause a man to ejaculate prematurely. You can read about frenulum breve here.

No matter how hard the penis may be, the skin covering the penile shaft always has the capacity to move slightly, and nowhere is this more true than during intercourse as the penis moves forwards and backwards in the vagina as the man thrusts.

Whether a man is circumcised or not, the thrusting motion will pull the frenulum tight as the penis moves forward in the vagina. This pulling on the frenulum will eventually produce, or assist in producing, orgasm and ejaculation.

When a man is uncircumcised and has a short frenulum, plus a foreskin which moves backwards and forwards easily, he is very likely indeed to experience premature ejaculation because the rolling motion of his foreskin will produce even more pressure on his frenulum.

Sometimes surgery (cutting the frenulum) has been used to help stop the frenulum pulling on the glans and so stimulating the orgasm-producing nerves. However, since cutting the frenulum severs the nerves, the man may find he can no longer reach orgasm as easily – indeed, possibly at all.

If the nerves of the glans are also insensitive, the man in question may well have great difficulty in reaching orgasm.

But frenulum breve is not common. In some cases a surgical solution is offered to men who have a short frenulum.

Newspaper articles on frenulum breve and frenuloplasty.

While this may seem like a good solution for men who have experienced the pain of a torn frenulum, there is an obvious problem – the surgical cutting of the frenulum leads to a loss of sensation because the nerves of the frenulum have been severed.

But it might be acceptable for men who ejaculate uncontrollably to trade off a loss of sensation for greater staying power….. and yet if there is a problem with low sensitivity of the glans, then a man might conceivably find that he is unable to ejaculate at all if he also loses the stimulation derived from the nerves of his frenulum. 

Perhaps a better alternative is to stretch the frenulum. This can be achieved by adopting the following procedure: start with a really hard erection. Next, grasp your penis just below the coronal rim and pull the skin of the penile shaft downwards in the direction of the pubic bone until the stretched frenulum begins to give you a small amount of discomfort.

Hold the stretched frenulum in this position until the feeling of incipient ejaculation develops. At this point, release the frenulum and allow your arousal to decrease. Then repeat the process.

 If you repeat this stretching process over several days, for seven minutes each day, you will find that your frenulum soon increases in length and remains elongated, thereby allowing you to enjoy intercourse without experiencing premature ejaculation. 

Bear in mind that for some guys, premature ejaculation is a real barrier to getting into a relationship. Their fear of being shamed or mocked – or not satisfying a woman – can hold them away from relationships with a woman. In such cases, a useful self-help program is The Tao Of Badass, which is essentially a collection of dating tips for men who lack confidence.

Other Physical Causes – The Hyper-sensitive Penis

There have been suggestions over the years that men who ejaculate quickly may have a hyper-sensitive penis. There are innate difficulties in conducting research into this possibility, and no firm evidence has ever emerged that an extreme degree of nervous sensitivity is responsible for the condition.

In any event, the question arises as to how one would conduct tests to demonstrate such sensitivity. And even supposing that it were to be demonstrated that you had an unduly sensitive penis compared to the next man, what could you do about it?

The answer to this not entirely rhetorical question is that you could train yourself to respond to sexual stimulation with a lower degree of arousal.

This is the basis of the ejaculation control technique described on this website: a rapid and easy way to learn how to control the rate at which you respond to sexual stimulation so that your arousal level does not reach the point at which you ejaculate as quickly as it has in the past.

Inflammation of the urethra and/or prostate may also cause premature ejaculation.

This is a strong suspect for sudden onset of uncontrolled climax after a life of ejaculating “normally”. There may only be slight symptoms of urethral irritation or prostatitis, most often a burning sensation while releasing urine and frequent desire to urinate.

Prostatitis & Other Infections

Prostatitis is the result of bacteria traveling up the urethra to the prostate gland. The symptoms are urgency of desire to urinate, a frequent need to urinate, unclear or cloudy urine, possibly with blood in it, reduced sexual desire, loss of erection and premature ejaculation.

Infected sinuses, tonsils and abscesses are all suspects for the bacterial infection:  in a man over forty, premature ejaculation or too rapid ejaculation indicate a consultation is needed without delay.

Prostatitis can be cleared up with antibiotics, and when cured, the premature ejaculation will also disappear. They can cause premature ejaculation, due to the fact that they promote irritation of the genitals in both men and women. Get help from either your primary medical care provider or by using a self-help program from the net.

Many men seem to believe that frequent masturbation during adolescence has caused later loss of ejaculatory control, but the evidence does not support this: frequency of teenage masturbation is not related to problems later on. Some men who have over-sensitive nerves in the penis glans or frenulum (the latter being the site of much of the sexual stimulation which causes men to progress towards orgasm and ejaculation) believe they may obtain better ejaculatory control if they undergo circumcision. And it is true: circumcision, which exposes the sensitive nerves of the glans and frenulum to sexual stimulation by removing the covering of the foreskin, may produce some change in the length of time between penetration and ejaculation.

 In other words, the circumcised penis does not become less sensitive to sexual stimulation, though it would be interesting to compare the degree of sexual stimulation necessary for ejaculation between men who had been circumcised and who still had a frenulum, and those who had been circumcised and whose frenulum had been removed during the operation.

In the absence of firm data on this matter, the only viable options for controlling the speed of ejaculation among these men are (1) the type of program described on this website or (2) possibly the use of a local anesthetic cream, although this has not gained widespread recognition as an effective remedy for premature ejaculation.

If you wish to try it, find a cream containing lignocaine, and rub a small amount of the cream onto the glans of your penis approximately half an hour before you wish to start making love. At this point if you wash your penis well you should find that there is no taste of the cream (useful if you wish to enjoy fellatio with your partner), while you still retain a degree of reduced sensitivity.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of men do not find any benefit from anesthetic creams. If this is the case for you, you might find it useful to apply more cream, or apply it sooner or later than half an hour before you begin lovemaking. By experimenting in this way, it may be possible for you to discover a pattern of application which allows you to control your ejaculation more effectively.